About McArthur Executive Development

Dan McArthur started InsideOut Impact in 1999, tailoring his services to fit each client’s needs, timetable, budget, and desired outcomes, focusing on the whole person in order to strengthen leaders and expand effective teams from the inside out.

Just as Dan’s clients learn and grow, so has Dan. He changed the name of his company to McArthur Executive Development to reflect the evolution of his business and the depth of education and professionalism that he brought to his clients.

The name may have changed, but Dan’s value system and the assets he brings to each and every client remain the same:

Remarkably accurate, intensely useful assessments of your business situation prior to starting any one-on-one coaching relationship.

Executive coaching that’s relevant to your organizational needs.

Dan offers training programs that incorporate audience participation, practical content, and loads of humor. He is also known for professionally delivered keynote speaking that inspires your employees or seminar attendees.

See why it’s worth your while to sit down with Dan over a cup of coffee and discover how McArthur Executive Development can provide custom solutions that address the root causes of your organization’s issues.

How Dan Approaches His Work

Dan’s approach to working with clients is simple. He believes that by understanding his client’s goals, he can facilitate lasting change within the individual at the belief and value level. Dan helps clients challenge erroneous beliefs, values, and behaviors. Only by doing so can lasting changes take hold by utilizing healthy dialogue, appropriate accountability, and increased competence in managing personal and organizational pushback commonly seen during change periods.

For top executives, this may involve determining whether they’re being effective leaders and managers. Are they mastering their self-doubts and overcoming the attitudes and actions that limit their potential? Do they build empowered teams? Deliver outstanding customer service? Sell at the highest level possible? These are the questions leaders ask themselves every day. Dan assists organizational leaders to become aware of these questions and address them in their daily work.

Dan also knows that how happy people are in their work lives affects every area of job performance–from safety to sales, and from workforce attrition to team building. While Dan knows leaders can’t make every employee happy, they can address organizational factors that stand in the way of achieving a happier workplace. Whether it’s an easy fix or long-term adjustments to communication strategy, Dan can help an organization find its way.

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The one thing Dan promised me was that I would get the results I wanted and faster than on my own. He was spot on – part business coach, part psychologist, Dan brings a wide range of experience, techniques, and practices that gave me the results I needed for my business.

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Chris Casteel, President
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About Dan

Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, then went on to receive master’s degrees in both organizational leadership and industrial and organizational psychology.

His educational background provides him with insights into working with business owners and top executives, empowering them with practical tools to achieve meaningful direction in their endeavors.

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