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Partner with McArthur Executive Development to reap the benefits of working with a consultant and coaching professional who has more than a quarter century of experience dealing with a host of issues that plague top executives and their businesses. He has helped hundreds of organizations navigate the turbulent waters of internal conflict, diverging visions and more, assisting them learn new ways to collaborate and communicate, and ultimately, solutions that get them moving forward in a positive direction once again.

Here is a sampling of the issues Dan helps his clients conquer:

Conflict doesn’t have to be a negative, but it needs to be resolved constructively, or it leads to stonewalling, gossiping, side-taking, workarounds, and other destructive interpersonal dynamics. Dan is a Certified Trainer in managing workplace conflict, and he’ll work with team members to manage conflict more effectively and reduce unproductive communication, while increasing productivity and profits.

If you haven’t created a clear company culture, then expectations, norms, and working conditions between departments can vary greatly. This impacts productivity and morale. Dan can help you to develop your company culture, creating procedures and expectations for interdepartmental relations and opening communication channels across the organization.

When two C-suite members continually butt heads, the whole organization suffers. And if it’s a dispute between business owners or partners, left unresolved, it could lead to the collapse of the business. Whether the clashes stem from long-term strategy or what the topic of tomorrow’s meeting should be, Dan knows how to get executives to work together to move the company forward.

Business and family can mix, although sometimes it’s a volatile mix. The boundaries between the boardroom and the family room can easily blur. Dan provides a unique perspective and practical approach for success in family business development. He works with all parties to create a written document called the Family Business Covenant, defining key elements of the operations, communication, and leadership between family and non-family members of the business.

Are you ready to step away from the business you cultivated from start-up to maturity? Dan walks you through the steps so you can feel secure and confident in the process, from selecting the right successor to managing the bruised feelings that result from your decision.

Do you have a top performer who lately hasn’t been cutting the mustard? That can have a negative impact on both workplace morale and company profits. Dan helps you discover the “why” behind your employee’s struggles and provide strategies to put your key producer back on the right track.

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The one thing Dan promised me was that I would get the results I wanted and faster than on my own. He was spot on – part business coach, part psychologist, Dan brings a wide range of experience, techniques, and practices that gave me the results I needed for my business.

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Chris Casteel, President

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