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You’ve assembled an executive team with the goal of taking your organization to new heights. Individually, each executive has great potential, but together, it’s been a mess.

Rather than an innovative team that runs smoothly, supports one another, and is dedicated to your company’s success, you have department heads who collectively are dragging down your company’s morale, sales, and overall bottom line with their ineffective management.

You’re at your wit’s end, trying to figure out how to resolve the situation and get your executive team to focus on the task at hand, but not knowing where to start fixing the problem.

This is when a call to McArthur Executive Development is in order. Dan McArthur is a certified trainer in managing workplace conflict from the Mediation Training Institute International. He understands that while members of your executive team don’t need to be friends outside the office, they need to work together at the workplace to accomplish common corporate goals.

Let Dan sit down with you and consult with you about how to sort through the noise to discover the root issues causing the conflicts. These internal battles often aren’t about personality clashes, but instead about differing agendas, warring constituencies, or divergent visions about where the company is headed. Dan will then help you develop a plan for re-establishing trust between team members and getting them to work together for the betterment of your business.

How Dan Addresses Team Clash

If necessary, Dan will also meet with the rest of your executive team and coach them on how to work better together to take your company to greater heights. McArthur Executive Development facilitates the change process for your executive team members, brokering deep trust commitments from all participants by utilizing healthy dialogue, appropriate accountability, and increased competence in managing personal and organizational pushback.

Contact McArthur Executive Development and experience lasting changes in your executive team’s behavior from the inside out.

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“I was skeptical at first, but three of the staff attended one of your seminars and you nailed it! We made immediate changes in how we each approach our assignments at work and the difference was amazing!”

Jim Chiodo – President 1-800 Water Damage

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