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You came together with a common purpose – to start a business together. You developed your business plan, saw it through to fruition, and your company began to flourish. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, as your business has grown, so have the rifts between you. Maybe one of you feels the other is no longer pulling their weight, or that they’re putting up unnecessary roadblocks to the company’s success. It could just be that neither of you wants to cede control or you simply want a different work-life balance than you did when you started.

Whatever the reason, collegiality has turned into constant conflict, and it has you on the verge of burnout. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements among business owners and partners, but these disagreements are threatening the collapse of your business. What do you do now?

It’s time to turn to McArthur Executive Development for help. Dan McArthur is a certified trainer in managing workplace conflict from the Mediation Training Institute International. He understands that many times, these conflicts aren’t based on personality clashes – remember, you worked together to build your business from scratch.

More often, it’s about differing agendas and visions for where your company is headed. That’s where a consultation with Dan can bring partners together to learn how to manage their conflicts more effectively, improve what had become unproductive communication between you, and reduce the chance that these disputes cause your company to lose revenue – or even lead to its dissolution — by helping you find a business model that better fits with each partner’s current needs and desires.

How Dan Helps to Heal Trust

McArthur Executive Development facilitates the change process and brokers deep trust commitments from each partner by utilizing healthy dialogue, appropriate accountability, and increased competence in managing the inevitable pushback.

Consulting with McArthur Executive Development will be the best investment that partners can make to get their business back the right track. See how Dan can help you change destructive behaviors from the inside out.

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“You are the greatest filter ever – the best set of “kidneys” for a family business! You take all the pain, make sense of it, dispatch all the bad stuff and amplify all the good stuff. You are like a river surveyor . . . navigator through the murky waters of family business. I am blessed to know you and call you my friend!”

Colleen Harris – Owner Harris Work Systems

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