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Running a business that has multiple departments can be a challenge. Each department feels it has its own turf to defend, and each department head sets their own expectations, norms, and working conditions that can vary greatly. However, most organizations inadequately equip their staff to effectively negotiate work relationships through these challenges.

Managing these various departments requires deft handling of different department cultures and developing an overall corporate culture that sets procedures, expectations, and working conditions that each department can customize to fit its style, yet conforms with your vision of the company.

Enter McArthur Executive Development. Dan McArthur is an organizational psychologist who has worked with owners and top executives for a variety of organizations for more than 30 years. He is at his best when the obstacles to growth and harmony between departments are not readily observable. Dan’s ability to build trust with all key players and support them as they move toward better self-management, leadership, and healthy team dynamics is unparalleled.

Dan works to encourage communication between the various departments of your business and getting department leaders to understand the impact that their lack of teamwork has on your customers.

Dan’s approach to improving poor cross-departmental working relationships is enhanced by the Master’s degrees he has earned in organizational management and industrial and organizational psychology. It allows him not only to improve relationships, but also makes him comfortable advising executives on developing better systems and work processes that allow your business to start working together, improving productivity and efficiency.

Get in touch with McArthur Executive Development and begin the process of improving cross-departmental working relationships from the inside out.

How Dan Helps Improve Communication

Dan will meet with your executive team and coach them on how to work better together to take your company to greater heights. McArthur Executive Development facilitates the change process for your executive team members, brokering deep trust commitments from all participants by utilizing healthy dialogue, appropriate accountability, and increased competence in managing personal and organizational pushback.

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“You seem to really get it that the workplace is multifaceted and that employees at any level are affected by a variety of inputs that impact their productivity, their attitude, and relationship to their work environment. You encourage people to look in the mirror, to participate in their own discovery and then walk with them as try new ways of engaging their work.”

John Savory – Owner Southwest Office Supply

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