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An Engaging And Impactful Speaker To Set The Right Tone For Your Event

Some speakers have the ability to create an impact just by entering the room. Dan McArthur is one such speaker. He’ll set a dynamic tone for your event, engaging your attendees with powerful insights and providing them with impactful real-world strategies that transform them into superstar team members.

Dan has more than 30 years of experience as a professional speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. He has consistently received top reviews from his audiences and is sure to educate, enlighten and entertain your group.

Learn to Create the 71% Advantage

Updraft People in a Downdraft World will send your audience out soaring on a shared updraft! Key takeaways:

  • Be the kind of person everyone wants to be around
  • Value growth over perfection
  • Convert resistance into a roadmap
  • Call others into their greatest potential
  • Face the hardest times with resilience & loyalty

Dan McArthur’s Sample Speaking Topics

  • Resilience: Staying in The Game Until You Find a Way Through. The game of life and business can injure us in ways that we fear we can never recover. Dan powerfully describes the 5 ways the most resilient people choose to see times of suffering.
  • Leading Through Conflict Management.The breakthrough happens when we first change our minds about conflict, which then clears the way to pick up tools for navigating even the most troubling conflict interactions and results in releasing the joy and productivity back into the workplace.
  • Hidden Treasure: The Unexpected Value of Engaging & Retaining Millennials. Dan clearly explains three key elements needed to create a successional culture that can transform a business in the process of capturing the amazing capacity of the millennial workforce.
  • Updraft Leaders in A Downdraft World. Leveraging the example that when geese fly in a “V” formation, they fly 71% further, Dan describes the five behaviors evident in the flight of geese that can be used in to create the same kind of advantage in organizations.

Jim from the Rocky Mountain Travel Association brought Dan in to speak to his group and couldn’t rave enough about the experience.

“Dan has an incredible ability to blend humor and inspiration while delivering clear practical insights to help people get immediate results both at work and at home.”

“We have a speaker evaluation system that allows our members to rank speakers on a 1-5 scale (five being excellent) in the areas of: Content, Presentation and Value to me.  Aside from a couple fours Dan received all fives and for the first time several people even made a new level and gave Dan sixes, making his average rating a 5.14 out of a possible 5!” Jim said. “We’ll definitely have him back!”

“Boomer – Millennial Gap"

Realizing Potential

Dan’s speaking philosophy boils down to this–he values the answers you discover on your own more than the answers he tells you. Accordingly, when you attend one of his presentations, be prepared for a lot of audience participation and facilitated small group discussions. You’ll have the opportunity to learn for yourself the insights and tools you need to understand limitations, commit to authentic change, and fulfill your potential.

Dan’s ability to challenge individuals and groups alike to take an honest look at the obstacles they face and motivate them to take the next step in the journey to fully realizing their potential is unparalleled.

Oh, and did we mention humor? Dan spices all his speeches with a heavy dose of laugh-inducing lines and gut-busting stories that also make you think. By approaching topics with transparency and humor, he promotes the creation of a corporate culture where employees and management alike strive for healthy relationships, knowing that behavior change and peak performance happens only from the inside out.

“Assumptions That Block Conflict Management"

Book Dan for your Next Event

Looking for a keynote speaker that will excite and motivate your event attendees? One that they’ll still be talking about a week later?

I have attended many seminars for training and development over the years and have always found Dan to keep it interesting and informative. He is an excellent speaker, very organized and on point in his presentation.

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