The Persuasive Presenting 101 workshop is like Toastmasters on steroids! Whether you are a novice speaker or a seasoned professional, this workshop offers invaluable tips on how to grab – and hold – your audience’s attention from the moment you begin speaking to your final words!

Jim Hillas
Attorney at Law

“We’ve had a lot of trainers & speakers and you are, by far, the best received!” Barry Page –

BP Products
Barry Page, Metal Training Lead

Our team has grown tenfold since we have engaged Dan and our results, both in this training and the company profits, continue to outpace our competitors and have set us up for growth beyond our expectations.

North Pacific Management
Brett Wilkerson, CEO

I have attended many seminars for training and development over the years and have always found Dan to keep it interesting and informative. He is an excellent speaker, very organized and on point in his presentation.

Affordable Tire & Brake Co.
Mike McMullen, Retired owner

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