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McArthur Executive Development is all about creating and supporting a continuous learning culture. A key component of Dan’s work is inviting everyone onto the level ground of continuous improvement. This requires leaders who are able to hold their brilliance in one hand and their brokenness in the other without needing to set either one down in order to lead.

Invest in your company’s future by having Dan lead your training sessions. Whether it’s working with mid-level executives or employees on the sales floor, McArthur Executive Development can improve internal communications, presentations, sales pitches, conflict management, and so much more.

Dan has studied what makes for outstanding leadership and been actively involved in building dynamic teams for more than 25 years. He believes that by understanding human motivations and behavior, any size business can benefit greatly from the improved relationships among management, staff, customers, and vendors that result.

How Dan Works With You

Any of our executive development training programs can be tailored to your company’s specifics needs. We also offer customized training programs based on your organization’s needs, timetable, budget, and desired outcomes. Invite Dan to a sit down over coffee and find out more about how McArthur Executive Development’s executive development training programs can transform your company from the inside out.

Executive Development Training Menu

Below is an overview of some of the most popular training sessions McArthur Executive Development offers. Click on the + sign to read more about each program.

In this training, everyone has to drop their illusions and face the truth about their brilliance and brokenness and how it affects the joy and productivity of the workplace EVERY DAY! Includes 30 days of training and coaching for up to 12 participants. Each person in the training will better understand:

  • Why certain parts of their job feel easy and other parts – they’d rather avoid.
  • Why they tend to get stuck in certain conflict situations.
  • Why some types of customers (or colleagues) drive them absolutely crazy.
  • What it looks like to bring their highest and best contribution every day, in every situation.
  • How to work with team members more effectively.

Nothing will test our mettle as leaders like looming conflict. But once we get good at it, we have the “silver bullet” to slay the scariest monsters that kill our productivity and steal the good morale from our teams.

This session will make your team better at:

  • Understanding how your brain makes it virtually impossible to have the right response to conflict and how to counteract it.
  • Using the #1 skill to root out conflict before it settles in.
  • Getting the most value possible out of conflict interaction.
  • Figuring out which of the 4 underlying anxieties your conflict partner brings to the “battle.”
  • Taking on the hardest conflict conversations (the ones we avoid for years) in a way that invites breakthrough almost every time.

According to productivity experts, U.S. corporations realize only 33% of the average worker’s true capacity. Creating and sustaining a motivational work environment is a key component to supporting employees so they thrive and reach their fullest potential in the workplace. This workshop explores the generational effect on motivation and productivity: how the leader’s presence supports or hinders motivation and productivity

This workshop will explore:

  • The generational effect on motivation and productivity
  • How the leader’s presence supports or hinders motivation and productivity
  • Why most job descriptions guarantee low performance
  • The#1 factor to predict maximum motivation and productivity
  • How to eliminate the #1 killer of workplace motivation and productivity.

Not simply a lecture, this workshop will provide multiple opportunities for facilitated small and large group discussion and problem solving in an informative and motivational learning environment. 

Communication ability is the shortcut to distinction. Whether presenting to colleagues, employees or clients, your ability to create an educational and inspirational experience will garner more ROI than any other leadership activity. This one-day session will show participants how to practice some of the basic secrets for persuasive communication, starting with how and what to prepare, to delivering your message in the most powerful way that fits your style and your audience.

Some of the things you’ll practice:

  • Overcome your psychological obstruction to public presentation.
  • Discover your best, most natural style.
  • Pinpoint and overcome your unique limiting step.
  • Avoiding death by powerpoint.
  • Learn an outline to organize any idea into a persuasive presentation.
  • Create presentations that appeal to all 4 learning styles.
  • Successfully manage a difficult room and/or contentious listener with grace and confidence.
  • How to use the most powerful communication technique in history.

Updraft Training leverages the analogy that when geese fly in a V-formation, they are able to fly 71% further. Sessions are formatted with a blend of multimedia, interactive discussions, and humor. Five major principles emerge and speaks to the heart of both individual and team performance:

  • Being Before Doing: Manage yourself and influence others in such as way that they are drawn into greater cooperation.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Manage conflict and find solutions, all while building loyalty, ingenuity, and resilience among team members.
  • Directional Encouragement: Quickly increase the performance of those around you without sacrificing individual morale.
  • Effective Correction: Correct the errant behavior of peers, direct reports, supervisors, and customers in an effective and timely manner–all without crushing anyone’s spirit.
  • Rotational Leadership: Minimize managerial burnout and stagnation of the rest of your staff. Increase shared responsibility through better utilization of leadership involvement.

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“We’ve had a lot of trainers & speakers and you are, by far, the best received!” Barry Page –

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Barry Page, Metal Training Lead

Our team has grown tenfold since we have engaged Dan and our results, both in this training and the company profits, continue to outpace our competitors and have set us up for growth beyond our expectations.

North Pacific Management
Brett Wilkerson, CEO

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