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They’ve been one of your top performers for years, but suddenly their numbers are lagging and it’s having a negative impact on your workplace. Morale is down. Profits are lagging. You can’t see a reason for why your star’s luster is dimming, but if you can’t turn them around soon, you may need to let them go.

Before taking that ultimate step, call on McArthur Executive Development to help. Dan McArthur is trained on uncovering the “why” for your top performer’s sudden decline and discovering strategies for getting them back on track.

Why the decline?

  • Has anything changed for you recently?
  • Has their role changed in the company?
  • Have the job requirements changed?
  • Do they need more training?
  • Were they passed over for a raise or promotion?
  • Are they having outside issues that they bring to the workplace?


These can be difficult discussions for managers and employees to have. That’s where Dan steps in to facilitate the conversation, to find out what makes the employee tick and why they’re no longer the superstar on your team.

After all, how important is happiness on the job? Ron Willingham found that people produce 40% more efficiently when they feel that they’re part of a positive harmonious team that shares a common purpose.

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“Your trait analysis program allows you to target people’s leadership style, character strengths and weaknesses (opportunities).  Once identified, you have a clear, concise plan to use each character trait to improve leadership skills, train and motivate employees, and improve relationships.  Goals are set, success is measurable!”

Chris Doeneka – ITS Global Relocation Services

Getting Back on Track

Dan will sit down with you to discuss how and where the employee is falling short, what steps you’ve taken to date to address this issue, as well as the role you as the supervisor might have played in this situation coming about. Only then will Dan help you develop a performance improvement plan that includes coaching for both you and your employee.

Does the employee feel undervalued? Resentful about having too much work? Stressed over the pressure of maintaining their high performance level? Only with this knowledge can Dan help you develop the strategies needed to turn around your employee’s performance.

Contact McArthur Executive Development today for an inside-out approach to resolving the issues that cause top employees to underperform.

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