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Did you know that if you’re the average executive, you’re spending 15 percent of your work week – that’s six hours a week, equaling almost two weeks annually – dealing with staff conflicts? Don’t you have better uses for your valuable time?

McArthur Executive Development thinks so.

Conflict doesn’t have to be a negative, but it needs to be managed constructively, or it leads to stonewalling, gossiping, side-taking, workarounds, and other destructive interpersonal dynamics. When conflicts go unaddressed, they can have a negative impact on productivity and teamwork. Using our personalized conflict management strategies in the workplace will help maintain a healthy and fulfilling work environment for your valued team.

Dan McArthur is a Certified Trainer in managing workplace conflict by the Mediation Training Institute International, and he’ll work with team members to manage conflict more effectively and reduce unproductive communication, increasing productivity, teamwork, and profits.

Dan understands that for conflict to be constructive rather than destructive, managers need to take an active role guiding discussions that rigorously challenge long-held assumptions, beliefs, and ideas, encourage colleagues to consider new ideas from all departments, and allow for the free expression of opinions and feelings.

How Dan Works Through Conflict

Through coaching and training sessions, Dan works with department heads and other top executives, readying your team to begin charting new courses for managing conflict. Instead of avoidance, your employees will learn how to engage each other, and you’ll see the constructive conflict that adds to your business’ productivity.

Give McArthur Executive Development a call to learn more about our approach to moving from conflict slaves to conflict masters.

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“Dan has helped us understand the special nature of a family-owned business and led us to more effective communication strategies, which has created a better atmosphere and greater harmony between family members at work and at home. As an objective outsider, Dan has provided accurate perspectives when we have been blinded by history, faulty assumptions and unnecessary emotion.”

Phil Mancke – Owner Harris Work Systems

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